INCANTO has a highly motivated creative team of European designers that understand both art of great design and customer service. The Italian attitude of professionalism is clearly displayed in the flow of their lines and touch of materials and fabrics. INCANTO's proactive attitude has been the key reason for their leading designs contemporary furniture so much so that INCANTO has become a industry benchmark.

Incanto #1

SOFITALIA International

Innovative, Quality and Creative. Those are the qualities that have distinguished INCANTO as Italy’s largest and much loved furniture group. Rooted in a rich history and grounded in the belief that quality and value never go out of style; SofItalia International is a company that continues to lead the industry in today's home and office furnishings.


Alghero enhances the beauty of any room. The modern design is characterized by beautiful leather sofas appealing in style and comfort. With optional colors suited to enhance or accent any of level of design and style, this Italian furniture will put the finishing touches on your living space .


Sulmona defines uniqueness of style and comfort. The perfect cushioning is akin to natural foam. Built to perfection and to meet strict Italian ergonomic design criteria, Sulmona enhances the beauty of your living room. This is a piece of modern furniture that will offer endless comfort for watching football games, sitting and reading, or resting after a long day at work. These modern designs will surely catch the attention of your guests and offer a comforting ambiance for family meetings and parties. Sulmona beats the best of contemporary furnitures offering more than you could have ever expected.


Linosa is characterized by beautiful Italian leather sofas displaying the supple comfort of leather. The upholstery lends perfect balance to the frame. The leather sectionals are strong and soft to offer both comfort and durability. Linosa offers exquisite quality, style and comfort for the money as it defines the class and quality of Italian furnitures.


Dreaming about giving your living room a touch of supreme comfort and style at the same time? Lanciano can offer this very thing. Lanciano arm chairs are the perfect choice when you just want to return home from work and stretch out to relax those tired muscles, sit down with a great book or simply relax and catch up with old friends. A Lanciano arm chair is a chef-de-oeuvre in our fast paced modern world for relaxing comfort and luminous style. The leather sectionals are strong and soft to offer comfort and long lasting service. The modern look makes it an ideal fit for your Italian rooms.


Our INCANTO furniture sets are an asset to dorm and guest rooms as well as any room in the house. We carry a variety of finishes and styles to match any room's decor. To complete this set, purchase Lampedusa. The modern design is characterized by beautiful leather sofas with eye catching modern fashion appeal. These products are suitable for toughest of modern furniture aficionados and you can get them right here at NEO Furniture.


Anzio makes it's presence felt by exquisite leather sectionals. The Anzio line offers some of the classy pieces of Italian furniture you will have set your eyes on. The modern look makes it an ideal fit for any room you wish to add a bit of breathtaking style to. The Anzio word on modern fashion in many respects sets the tone for our contemporary times.


Elen defines uniqueness of style and comfort. The exact solution for your desires, Elen offers the best in style and pure comfort. The frames are of hardwood material and is upholstered by the best leather fitters in the industry who understand how to build for added durability and longevity. Elen stands strong among its Italian furniture friends. Some modern looks come and go but Elen offers lasting pleasure to the eye and the body and is a perfect fit for your stylish rooms.