With the best of innovative furniture combining functionality, comfort and design, you don’t need a bed anymore! That is exactly what the Innovation sofa-sleepers are meant to do. With masters of design and the brilliance of technical support in one place, you can make a splendid buy addressing the need for a sofa and a bed at the same time. With production facilities in Denmark and China, Innovation furniture has been internationally acclaimed and is available across the globe.

Without innovation life just becomes boring. So at Innovation you find perfection and ingenuity that you have never experienced before! Adding life to each couch, crafting it into a comfortable bed and guarantying quality at reasonable prices is what Innovation has been successfully driving at for the last 4 decades combining the fruits of experience with the wild rush of contemporary designing.

Innovation #1

Innovation has it “in” its name itself! This Danish company set out in 1971 to produce beanbags. Subsequently they grew to become suppliers for furniture designers for the next fifteen years. But without innovation, work is not fun. So the Innovation team set out to challenge the long formed ethos in the designing industry with their sofa-beds. Till date, the company produces the most comfortable and modern sofa-sleepers. Soon the firm set out to do wonders and win accolades from top notch places in the industry. And that is the Innovation sofa-sleepers that you see today- elegant, comfortable and down to earth.

The team Innovation consists of brilliant designers along with technicians to give a holistic overview of any design in regards to looks and comfort. With the most contemporary designs, the company believes in surprising their customers with the newest ranges of style and comfort in their furniture line up. However if you are afraid that the piece you bought might not be so “in” in a few years because of such constant innovation, put your mind to rest. At Innovation, they ensure that each design is unique with an ever-lasting appeal, both in terms of looks and comfort. They are believers of the fact that excellent furniture can only be those that combine design and functionality in a perfect blend. So each of the sofa-sleepers looks good as couches and is great to sleep on too.

Innovation #2

Ensuring that this is a company that you won’t feel guilty buying product from, Innovation takes great care in disposing of their manufacturing wastes in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Adding happiness to the environment and to your pocket, Innovation furniture comes with amazing prices too. However, they don’t claim to be cheaper than anything else on the market because for them quality and reliability are of prime importance. Not compromising on quality for price results in Innovation furniture owners getting furniture with a lower cost per year of ownership than with other lesser expesive furniture store solutions that result in failure sooner.

Their high number of repeat of customers, and referrals from existing customers, speaks volumes about their furniture quality and customer service. As for meeting the customers needs, along with offering great style the design team at Innovation makes daily attempts at allowing you to customize your furniture in the colors and fabric that are meaningful to your vision. For a very innovative furniture experience contact your nearest Innovation furniture store and ask them to show you why Innovation will change your attitude toward sofa-bed furniture.