For generations the name ROM has stood for capable upholstery and cushioning skills. However, in the last 40 years the company has developed a passion for innovative seating solutions. Over the course of the years it has therefore moved from avant-garde type washing chests to nordic, purist style chairs and armchairs. The fashions of the day have of course also had an influence on our creations: up until the late 1970s the dominant colours in our fabric collections were orange and apple green. Chrome plated steel was gradually superseded by stained wood.

ROM demo #1

At the time, the aim was to try something completely new and, with the slogan "Live Young" to contribute towards the creation of a movement without which today's furnishing world cannot be imagined. The first sofas of the new generation were reminiscent of lowrider potato crates, as suited to the lifestyle of that time: they had to be liberal, non-conformist and unconventional. Their informal comfort made the sofas more inviting for sprawling around on than for sitting on in an upright and orderly fashion. In the 1990s ROM sofas gained a more prominent profile and stood on even higher feet.

ROM demo #2

The hitherto undreamed of idea of coordinating sofas, carpets and side tables gave rise to a new philosophy, combining innovative concepts with a zest for life and brand quality - ever true to the principle of DESIGN FOLLOWS EMOTION.

The next few years will be dedicated to raising awareness of our name, of our vision of complete living concepts and of ROM's obsession that unique items should not be any more costly than standard models.