GAMMA began with a love and passion for leather and those ideas have propelled it into the top of the Italian leather market. The owner Gabriele Ghetti draws upon a whole life of experience in the leather industry and brings his skill and attention to detail to the forefront of the GAMMA process. GAMMA has quickly grown from a company that was only in the Italian market to now exporting to over 64 countries. Gamma USA now leads the high end leather sofa market in America.

Through all this growth and success GAMMA has always stayed in its Italian headquarters. The whole process including design, prototyping, manufacturing, and quality checking is handled in the same building by artisans with dozens of years of experience. This age - old experience comes together with modern technology, design, and the best raw materials to create one amazing product. By keeping the process all handmade, GAMMA has retained a rich, luxurious look and feel that also offers unrivaled comfort. The end product is a unique piece of design that is mirrored in its world class quality and workmanship.

Bond Sectional Sofa

Sofas such as the BOND provide a clear example of the quality of GAMMA. This blocky design fits right in with any contemporary home. The simple but pleasing design is combined with a huge choice of leathers and sizes to help you create a BOND for any occasion or space. GAMMA is one of the best Italian companies in terms of customization. They provide many modular pieces to play with and even each piece can be different width. For example: The Bond can be an armchair at 42" or a sofa at 75" , 83" , 92" 103" and even a huge 116" sofa where 5 people can comfortably fit! The same goes for any other pieces such as the lounge. A chaise lounge is typically used to stretch your feet out or even napping. The BOND lounge can be 37" wide or 42" or 46". This excellent level of customization gives every person a chance to adapt to their personal style and size restriction and results in many happy customers. The BOND comes with gorgeous inside-out stitching that runs along the edges of the sofa. If that is not your particular style it is easy to choose out of over 20 different styles of stitching that GAMMA offers. The feet can be wooden or chrome and arms can be extra wide or replaced by a leather shelf. All of this is complemented by a wide selection of amazing bull hides in many colors and textures.

Edge Night Bed

GAMMA has a wide range of styles and products which include amazing beds such as the Sayonara night. This luxurious bed has an elegantly stitched tall headboard that's completely upholstered in leather. Every bed by GAMMA comes with a modern slat system that only requires a mattress and no box spring. Just like any product of GAMMA the customizations are endless including different sizes feet, and stitching. Even the tall 59" headboard can be substituted by a shorter 47" one. Unique leather upholstered nightstands are available with a chrome frame and thick Italian bull hide coverings.

Jane Armchair

GAMMA is one of the few Italian companies that exhibit such high quality and style and remain 100% in Italy. GAMMA never stands still. Every year there are new collections and design but the quality and handmade workmanship remain and permeate throughout their entire product line. Every product reflects the care and dedication that is brought by aged artisans with amazing skills. GAMMA is so customizable that anyone will be able to choose the exact style, color, and size that they need and GAMMA will create it for you.