NEO Interiors in Greater Boston Offers Discount Contemporary Furniture, Interior Design and Home Remodeling Services

With over a decade of our history, NEO Interiors is proud to offer best in class interior design and home remodeling services. We take pride in using a personalized approach appealing to your unique sense of style and beauty, while tailoring to your specific needs. We work with the reputable worldwide architects, interior designers, furniture and appliance manufacturers, carpenters, project managers, and contractors to make this the ultimate and successful experience!


“Buying brand new contemporary furniture in Greater Boston will never be the same, thanks to a revolutionary concept at NEO Interiors.

With store in Framingham, Massachusetts, plus serving Greater Boston, NEO is a market laboratory, where designers test the marketability of different lines of unique, modern furniture. NEO customers get the rare opportunity to purchase many one-of-a-kind manufacturers' samples, sold to NEO Interiors at prices well below regular retail. That is why many shoppers visit NEO on a regular basis, searching for that unique, one-of-a-kind design that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

But this is only part of the excitement that makes NEO so different. Unlike other stores that buy furniture from one or two distributors, showcasing the same items day after day, NEO Interiors buys from approximately fifteen distributors and each distributor represents ten to twenty manufacturers. The result is a staggering selection of contemporary furnishings, for every room, and any home, from apartment to palace, from den to office building.

To offer their customers a world of choices, NEO Interiors gives customers access to their manufacturer's catalogues, with hundreds of choices of dining, bedroom, living room, casual, storage, bar, entertainment, work-space furniture and spectacular lighting choices. Best of all, order-to-delivery time is shorter than at many other furniture stores.

People wanting contemporary furnishings for bedrooms, living rooms or dining areas choose NEO Interiors because NEO presents the most impressive collections of contemporary and European furnishings. Popular space-saving tables, computer desks, chairs, bars and entertainment centers step to the forefront in home design.

As enticing as the selection may be, the pricing is even more spectacular. Many coffee tables, computer desks, lamps and light fixtures are priced well under $300. Most of these items sell elsewhere for hundreds of dollars more, but NEO Interior's unique buying policy enables them to obtain the world's most unique items at never-before seen prices.

For that perfect look, it is possible to choose custom fabrics for many pieces. The selections offer outstanding colors and textures.

NEOINTERIORS.COM and their two retail stores offer imported furnishings from every continent. NEO presents breathtaking furniture, lighting, accessories and rugs for apartments, condos, homes or offices with smart multifunctional furniture that meets today's contemporary lifestyles. With store in Framingham, NEO Interiors is convenient throughout the greater Boston and Metro West area.“

Steven I. Gusenoff @, April 14, 2005

“NEO Interiors offers contemporary, modern European design furniture that is very affordable.

For most, the idea of contemporary sounds too foreboding because of the high price tag that is usually attached to it. But NEO offers fresh contemporary pieces without the high prices – perfect for any budget household, as well as for students who can not afford expensive furnishing stores downtown.

Working only with imported furniture and lighting, one of the main ideas of NEO is limited-space solution so that furnishing an apartment or condo can be easier with transformable multifunctional furniture readily available.

Essentially, NEO is a market laboratory, not attached to any manufacturer or distributor, where they test the marketability of different lines of furniture.

They work with as many suppliers as possible, inventory is always fresh and every time one walks into the 15,000 square foot showroom, there is always something new due to shipments coming in from all over the world.”

Boston Metro, July 11, 2003

“Affordability, functionality and design truly sum up the furniture available in the store. From Italian leather sofas and occasional pieces to French dining tables, from sofa-sleepers to Canadian kitchen sets to Spanish designer bedrooms and wall units, NEO works with importers from all over the world to deliver stylish, contemporary and affordable furniture to the customers.“

Boston Metro, September 21, 2003